Welcome to Northern Norway

Covering the Northernmost counties of Norway, Filmfond Nord provides private equity and public support to feature films, documentaries, tv-series and games.

Offering experienced regional production partners, exotic locations with unmatched lightning ranging from the blue polar night, to the never ending midnight sun, to the dancing aurora, Filmfond Nord welcomes international co-productions with northern Norwegian co-producers.

Filmfond Nord supports and invests in audiovisual productions in Northern Norway.

About Us

Filmfond Nord is the youngest film fund in Norway, covering the Nothern territories which strech over more than 1/3 of Norway. Allocating approximately €1,3 million annually, we provide private equity and public support to feature films, documentaries, TV-series, and games based in the region, consisting of the counties of Nordland, Troms and Finnmark.

Both our investment funds and our public support funds are open to international co-productions with regional co-producers attached and Norwegian distribution secured. In addition to allocating non-recoupable grants for development of a number of projects yearly through our state funded public support funds, we also provide top financing for several productions yearly, both from our investment funds, but also from our public support funds.

Private equity funds and public support funds

When Filmfond Nord invest in international co-productions, we recoup at 1st position / alongside other private investors, and it is a prerequisite that the production is based in the region. Investment inquiries are handled continuously.

International co-productions based in the region can also be eligible for non-recoupable grants applications.

Regional requirements for international co-productions

We require that the production is fully or partly produced in our region, and that the regional spending in the audiovisual sector is significant, with visible and measureable ripple effects for regional businesses connected to film productions.

Filmfond Nord is owned by the counties of Nordland and Troms and Finnmark, and our main purpose is to support audiovisual production in our region.